[Sayma-Announce] A Call to Prayer and Support for Standing Rock

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Thu Dec 1 15:29:53 EST 2016

  Nashville Friends Meeting unites with New England Yearly Meeting's call
to prayer and support for Standing Rock and encourage other meetings to
prayerfully consider what actions they may undertake. Friends at our
meeting have used the NODAPL Stronghold94102 Facebook page to coordinate
donations - https://www.facebook.com/friendsofnodapl/
  Mark Wutka
  Clerk, Nashville Friends Meeting

A Call to Prayer and Support for Standing Rock
Nov 3, 2016

In North Dakota, the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies are struggling
for the future of their land and people. Where those without worldly power
stand in the Truth in the face of empire, God is at work and our faith
calls us to support them.

For months, the Indigenous people leading this witness have embraced their
role as “water protectors” in opposition to the completion of an oil
pipeline that threatens the water supply, sacred sites, sovereignty and
survival of Native people. Their nonviolent stand to protect the water,
land, and climate for future generations faces escalating violence in a
militarized, state-supported assault.

On behalf of Quakers in the six New England states, we affirm that we see
God at work in the courageous actions of those in the protector camp in
Cannon Ball, North Dakota. In their ongoing resistance, we see the
convergence of struggles for Indigenous rights, climate justice, and
liberation from white supremacy, moving with the power of the Spirit,
raising up a vision of a world renewed.

Many New England Quakers and local Friends meetings are engaged in
supporting this witness and we pray for those who plan to deepen their
involvement. We are keenly aware that winter is coming to North Dakota and
that direct material support is needed for those continuing this work.

We encourage all Friends to keep this unfolding confrontation in their
prayers and to keep themselves and their communities educated about
nonviolent resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock and
elsewhere. We urge local meetings across New England to consider how we
might offer practical and spiritual support to those standing for Life in
the face of violence.

In support of this witness, we hope Friends and meetings will prayerfully
consider the following possible actions:

   - *Prayer*: Hold all involved and affected by these events—on every
   side—in the Light, including Friends from New England who are working to
   support the water protectors and those planning to travel to North Dakota
   in the coming days

   - *Advocacy*: Join the advocacy work of Friends Committee on National
   Legislation(link is external)
   solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

   - *Support*: Respond to the call for timely and direct support of those
   gathered at the Sacred Stone Camp(link is external)

In faith,

Fritz Weiss, Presiding Clerk
Noah Baker Merrill, Yearly Meeting Secretary
New England Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
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