[Sayma-Announce] FCNL Priorities Process--Please Participate!

Hiles, Jane njhiles at samford.edu
Thu Feb 11 00:02:45 EST 2016

Dear SAYMA Friends,
FCNL asks for your participation in setting legislative priorities—this time for the 115th Congress incoming in 2017. All Friends Meetings are invited and encouraged to participate in this grassroots discernment process that will ultimately guide the efforts of FCNL staff.

You probably have received a printed packet of documents related to the priority-setting process, but I am attaching several documents to this message that may be helpful:

·      A letter from FCNL inviting your participation

·      An explanation of how the priorities process works

·      FCNL’s policy statement, which guides its discernment process

·      An example of priorities, the priorities for the 114th Congress

Priorities lists can be submitted electronically or on paper and need to be received by April 15th.  Should you need information or forms, please go to fcnl.org/priorities2016<https://fcnl.org/r/E/NDg5MjY3/NzI1Nw/0/0/bmpoaWxlc0BzYW1mb3JkLmVkdQ/aHR0cDovL2Zjbmwub3JnL3ByaW9yaXRpZXMyMDE2IyEjIQ/7894/1>.

Your SAYMA representatives to FCNL--Charlie Wilton, Larry Osborne and myself--will engage in the discernment process for legislative priorities, representing you, at the annual meeting in November.

Should you have questions about the process or your Meeting’s part in it, please feel free to contact me at njhiles at samford.edu<mailto:njhiles at samford.edu>.  Birmingham Friends are about to devote a Second Hour to FCNL priorities. It has been a rewarding experience for us in the past, and we look forward to engaging in this process once again.

Peace and Light,
Jane Hiles
Birmingham Friends Meeting

Jane Hiles, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

205-726-2039<tel:205-726-2039> | office
njhiles at samford.edu<mailto:njhiles at samford.edu>
800 Lakeshore Drive, Birmingham, AL 35229<http://maps.google.com/maps?q=800+Lakeshore+Drive,+Birmingham,+AL+35229,+US>
[Samford University]
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