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>From Bill Reynolds 
Chattanooga Meeting of SAYMA 
There is something we can actually do in the next few  months that can 
contribute to ridding America of its violence and  oppression.   Get the message 
 to our U.S. Representatives and Senators to support the CURRENT BILLS in  
Congress that will reform the terribly unjust, oppressive massive 
incarceration  federal laws which have sentenced a grossly disproportionate number of 
people of  color to absurdly long prison sentences for nonviolent crimes.   
If enough of us do this, we CAN WIN the  desperately needed reforms before 
2016 is over!!  In these actions we will be joining  thousands, or tens of 
thousands of others around the U.S. doing the same.  This expectation gives 
rise to  confidence that these reforms will be enacted, especially since 
there is already  bi-partisan support of significant numbers in Congress.   
(This  confident expectation is based on what I heard Jose Santos Woss, our  
full-time FCNL lobbyist in Congress, say during the FCNL conference  call last 
Possibly  the most impactful method of delivering our message will be group 
meetings with  Representatives and Senators in their local offices or 
conference  rooms.  The next seven weeks of  Congress’ recess should provide 
ample opportunity to arrange such a  meeting.   
In addition, we can hope to support or lead members of  Congress to support 
and vote for these bills by: 1) writing letters to them,  2)writing letters 
to the editors of newspapers, 3)emailing, 4)calling and 5)  asking for 
their support at a Town Hall meeting if they schedule those.    
FYI, The current bills we’re talking about are titled as  follows:   
·        Senate  bill “ the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act,  S. 2123;
·        House of Representatives bills (2) “_the Sentencing  Reform Act, 
H.R.3713”;  the Recidivism Risk Reduction Act, H.R.759._ 

GO TO _WWW.FCNL.ORG_ (http://www.FCNL.ORG) .
    You will find an excellent overview of the  issue's back-story and 
current operations on this page.  After reading  that CLICK ON THE "ACTION" 
button  for information and resources that will guide and support your  actions. 

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