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Thais Carr thaiscarr at bellsouth.net
Thu Jun 2 21:45:50 EDT 2016

>>  Many Monthly Meetings  are in the nominating process to fill their positions of responsibilities prior to Yearly Meeting in June.  We are asking you to consider sending a representative  to  SAYMA Ministry & Nurture. 
>> This committee does work at the Yearly Meeting level similar to what the committees do at the Monthly Meeting level. (We recognize names vary.) The responsibilities of the committee & charge from the Yearly Meeting are below.  Every Monthly Meeting is encouraged to send a representative to M&N.  The clerk & 3 positions are appointed by Yearly Meeting, which means any Meeting can appoint a rep to the committee in addition to a Friend  appointed by the Yearly Meeting.  Friends serving on the committee  do not have to currently serve on the local M&N committee, but preferably will have served at some point.
>> The committee meets at Yearly Meeting & two other times during the year.  Recently, the committee has been utilizing groups phone calls to keep in closer touch and address time-sensitive issues that monthly meetings have  requested  assistance with.  We are glad to answer any questions you may have about serving.
>>  From SAYMA Guide to Our Faith & Practice:
> Ministry & Nurture Committee, formed in 1990, supports and supplements the work of the monthly meetings’ Ministry and Nurture groups and addresses spiritual issues that span the yearly meeting community. The committee is comprised of representatives of each monthly meeting. It nurtures meetings and worship groups by:
>          v  Being mindful of the state of the spirit in meetings and worship groups. “...How the Truth has prospered amongst them...?” (Query 1682);
>          v  Nurturing yearly meeting by being a spiritual presence during meetings;
>          v  Providing spiritual support for the yearly meeting clerks;
>          v  Encouraging intervisitation and regional gatherings;
>          v  Facilitating communication and information sharing;
>          v  Providing resources and help regarding membership issues and Quaker faith and practice;
>          v  Organizing educational workshops, often during yearly and representative meeting sessions;
>          v  Responding to requests from meetings and worship groups within the yearly meeting for involvement in sensitive situations, particularly in areas of spiritual life and Quaker process, that face meetings, exists between meetings, or between meetings and worship groups. Possible responses include listening, consultation, and/or arranging clearness committees.
>          v  Facilitating clearness and accountability for Friends seeking endorsement by the yearly meeting for ministry to which they are called;
>          v  Providing a clearness process and holding accountable released Friends who receive financial assistance from SAYMA’s Released Friend Fund;
>         v  Administering the disbursement and accounting of the Spiritual Development Fund. 
> Thais Carr and Laura Seeger   co clerks    thaiscarr at bellsouth.net    syeka13 at comcast.net
> Robyn Josephs      
> Edie Patrick
> Kim Saderholm
> Jon Schinhofen
> Christine Sears      

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