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Beth Ensign h.e.ensign at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 11:33:14 EDT 2016

Some of you may have noticed that there has not been one of these for a
while. This is because the last two times I put out a call for submission
for the publication, I did not receive anything. Without material, I cannot
produce a newsletter for you.

I am trying again: If you have items of interest, stories, song, pictures,
announcements, anything at all that you think our community would benefit
from, please submit it to me by *Friday, April 1,* and I will do my best to
produce a newsletter before taxes are due.

I prefer electronic submissions, either in the body of your e-mail or as a
file attachment. rtf is a reliable format, but .txt is also fine. If you
need to send me hard copy, my mailing address is:

173 Flora Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

Thanks, Friends, please publicize this announcement in your meetings and I
look forward to receiving at least a couple of submissions this time around.

Beth Ensign, editor
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