[Sayma-Announce] Regional Friends invited to Nashville Meeting's Fall Retreat 9/23-9/25

Kate Wingate kzwingate at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 14:28:05 EDT 2016

Dear SAYMA Friends,

The Nashville Friends Meeting Fall Retreat will again be held at the
historic Group Camp One at Montgomery Bell State Park in Burns, TN, from
3pm Friday, September 23 through 2pm Sunday, September 25.  All SAYMA
Friends are welcome to join! (Directions to Montgomery Bell from the NFM
Meeting house below, and here's a link to the Montgomery Bell website with
a map to the park: http://tnstateparks.com/parks/contact/montgomery-bell) It
is open to all -- attendees, members, families, single folks -- you name
it.  Attending the retreat is a great way to get to know this community
better, even if you've been a part of it for years! There will be singing,
games, dancing, cooking, celebrating, eating, playing, worship sharing,
teaching, learning, campfires, activities and care for our young friends,
Meeting for Worship, and plenty of fellowship.  We hope you will join us!
See schedule below.

It's important that we can anticipate how many people to expect and when,
so we can know how much food to purchase. Please take a moment to fill out
the online retreat registration form at https://www.surveymonkey.
com/r/MD3Q7J5. We ask that all registrations be submitted by Sunday,
September 18.

After submitting this registration online or in person, please give Todd
Hughes anywhere from *$5 to $25* (donation amount is up to you) per each
member of your family, anytime between now and the retreat weekend. (If you
have to turn in your money at the retreat, that will be fine too.)  If you
are unable to contribute monetarily, you are still welcome to come. Please
don't let money keep you from attending -- all are welcome!

*Retreat Information:*

General Retreat Schedule:


3:00 onward: Arrival

6:00 Dinner

7:30 Activities (TBD)


8:00 Breakfast

9:30-10:00 Activities (TBD)

10:00-11:00 Worship Sharing (including older kids)/Littles Activities

12:00 Lunch

1:30-5:00 Activities (TBD)

6:00 Dinner

7:30 Possible Contra Dance (bring your dancing shoes!)


8:00 Breakfast

10:00 Worship/First Day School

12:00 Lunch

1:00-2:00 Cleanup!

2:00 Checkout

*Lodging Note: * We have more than enough space for everyone in the 47 very
rustic cabins in the group camp space, but for people who would like air
conditioning, heat, a bed bigger than twin size, and a bathroom that does
not include a walk through the woods to get to it,  please act quickly to
reserve a moderately priced hotel room at the Montgomery Bell State Park
Inn by calling 615-797-3101 or reserve online here
<https://guestrez.megahotel.com/Hotel/Reservation/Index/P8A43>.  Currently,
rooms are approximately $84 per night, but run anywhere from $74 to $195
per night.

Directions to Montgomery Bell State Park Group Camp One from Meetinghouse:

Turn right onto Charlotte Ave, and continue onto US-70 W/Charlotte Pike for
30 miles.  Look for signs -- park entrance on left.  Turn left onto Jackson
Hill Rd.  Continue straight to stay on Jackson Hill Rd.  Continue straight
onto Camp 1 Rd.  We are at Group Camp One.  Call Kate Wingate if you need
further directions: 615-668-5216.

Suggested items to bring:

- warm and cool weather clothing
- rain jacket
- fleece or other light jacket
- camp chair (not necessary but nice to have)
- water bottle
- instruments (if you play!)
- sunscreen and bug spray
- indoor and outdoor games (if you've got 'em)
- swim suit
- extra shoes
- sports equipment
- flower/tree/bird books
- binoculars
- crafts

If staying in a rustic cabin or camping, add to the above list:

- sleeping bag or blankets
- sheets to cover the plastic camp mattresses
- pillow
- towels
- flashlight

Again, here is the online retreat registration link: https://www.

If you have questions about the retreat, feel free to ask me in person or
contact me via phone (615-668-5216) or email at kzwingate at gmail.com.  I
hope to see you at the retreat!!

Kate Wingate


"Despair needs a certain tending, a reinforcing, and isolation, but the
body left to itself will breathe, the ears will hear the first birdsong of
morning or catch the leaves being touched by the wind in the trees, and the
wind will blow away even the grayest cloud; will move even the most
immovable season; the heart will continue to beat and the world, we
realize, will never stop or go away."

-- David Whyte, from *Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and
Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words*
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