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Liz Dykes saymaoffice at gmail.com
Mon May 21 15:47:48 EDT 2018

Friends, 185 folks of all ages are registered for SAYMA.  We expect 
50-100 more, however, we must receive your registration by this 
THURSDAY, MAY 24 in order to provide you the best housing arrangements.  
After that date, we may or may not be able to provide the housing you 
desire--there may not be a single room or an air conditioned room or 
whatever you may request.  You may email your registration form to 
saymaoffice at gmail.com, and either pay by credit card (paypal) when you 
are invoiced, or mail a separate check.

SAYFers and children must by registered by Wednesday, May 30.  NO 
EXCEPTIONS.  This is a received deadline, NOT at postmark deadline.  
Only adults can register as walk in (day of) attenders.

Registrations received to date are being processed and 
invoices/confirmations will be sent by Thursday.

In the light,


Until June 30, 2018                      After July 1, 2018
Liz Dykes                                Susan Phelan
SAYMA Administrative Assistant           SAYMA Administrative Assistant
P O Box 76                               1702 Pratt Avenue
Pooler, GA 31322                         Huntsville, AL 35801
(865)272-9621                            (865)272-9621
SAYMAoffice at gmail.com                    saymaoffice at gmail.com

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