[Sayma-Bulletin] Southern Appalachian Friend

Liz Perch adminasst at sayma.org
Mon Oct 20 22:12:57 EDT 2008

Dear Friends,


The new issue of Southern Appalachian Friend is available on the SAYMA
website at http://www.sayma.org/online_documents/SAF/SAF2008-Fall.pdf


Copies are going in the mail to meetings and those who have requested postal
mail copies tomorrow.  Meetings, please check for your packet and put the
newsletters out for members and attenders.  


In friendship,




Liz Perch

Administrative Assistant

Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting and Association

330 Goebel Avenue

Savannah, GA 31404

(215)808 6537 (cell and voicemail)

adminasst at sayma.org


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