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Liz Perch adminasst at sayma.org
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The minutes from Representative Meeting, held in Birmingham 28 March 2009,
are now available on the website at
http://www.sayma.org/online_documents.htm#RM%20Min or just go to
www.sayma.org and click on "What's New" at the top of the page.


Printed minutes will be mailed to those who have previously requested them
shortly.  If you have not requested a printed copy of the minutes but would
like to receive them, please let me know.  If you have been receiving
printed copies and no longer wish to, let me know that, as well.


In peace,




Liz Perch

Administrative Assistant

Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting and Association

330 Goebel Avenue

Savannah, GA 31404

(215)808 6537 (cell and voicemail)

adminasst at sayma.org


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