[Sayma-Discuss] President's strategy to provoke more international turmoil

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Wed Aug 8 12:04:35 EDT 2007

Yes, Bill,  this throwing oil on the Middle East 
fire by our current administration is also a 
concern of mine.    Especially as the "end time" 
of President 'W. Bush's term draws nearer and nearer.

I worry that the Congress will not be able to 
stand up for peace, in the face of threats from 
the "hawks" and will relent to giving the war 
mongers even more authority to do mayhem.

 From another list was this post:

>Charlie Rose had a brilliant guest on last 
>night.  (Tues 8/7) ,the Author of Black Swans, 
>Nassim Nicholas Tallib.  He spoke .. . around 
>the idea, "The human brain was not built to 
>understand, it was built to-run-out-of-trouble."

When we "run-out-of-trouble" nobody is thinking 
of anything except to "Run Away. . . Run Away".



At 11:40 AM 8/8/2007, you wrote:
>I have  been very well impressed with Dennis 
>Kucinich and fear his statement is true that the 
>Bush administration has a strategy to 
>“generate more turmoil” in the Middle 
>East.  I fear that this strategy has a goal of 
>creating a premise to justify more U.S. military 
>invasions of mideastern countries in service of 
>another absurdly unrealistic illusion that the 
>U.S. can establish hegemonic control in the 
>Middle East.  Or, at least foster higher fear in 
>enough American voters that they will feel the 
>only path to economic and democratic security 
>for the U.S. is to vote for candidates who 
>espouse their ideology and militaristic practices.  Bill Reynolds
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