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Hi Friends,

I saw this request for assistance on the Quaker Outreach Forum and 
wondered if someone in SAYMA might know of what this Friend searches for.
It occurred to me that SAYMA might want to also have a way for teens 
to visit between retreats, using the internet.


>Hello all,
>Here in Iowa YM (Conservative) most of our meetings are not very big,
>without enough youngsters to make a solid social group locally. Many
>of our young people are the only Quaker in their class at school.
>We've been putting on yearly meeting wide retreats a few times a year
>and have a group that really enjoys the fellowship.
>This summer we asked for feedback and got lots of helpful suggestions.
>One that came from the youngsters themselves was that they would like
>a way to stay in touch between retreats. What a couple of them asked
>for specifically was a "pravate chat room". Since I work with
>computers for a living, I was asked to look into it. (Not that I have
>any experience with chat rooms, or anything more complicated than
>email lists.)
>I think a chat room by itself wouldn't necessarily be the best thing,
>because it would be hard to coordinate getting enough people there at
>once. I thought maybe if there were a web-based bulletin board that
>could be a good starting place. If there were a chat function, too,
>so much the better. But we'd want at least part of it to be private,
>just for IYM youth and their adult sponsors.
>Is anybody out there doing anything similar? Can Yahoo groups of
>Google groups be made sufficiently private (so converstaions don't
>show up in search engine results, and aren't visible to non-members)?
>Are there other resources that I should investigate?
>It would also be helpful if anyone has some policies for such an
>effort. The youngsters would probably prefer their parents not have
>access, but I don't think I would want to be in the position of
>telling a parent he or she can't know what's there. So I think my
>first policy would be that parents can join and view. Can parents
>participate, too?
>I appreciate any help folks can offer!
>Dan Treadway
>P. O. Box 72 Gilbert IA 50105
><mailto:treadway%40netins.net>treadway at netins.net
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