[Sayma-Discuss] Help needed in planning yearly meeting worship opportunities

Errol Hess errol at kitenet.net
Fri Feb 9 08:54:46 EST 2007


I've been given the job of coordinating worship at the 2007 Yearly

This includes coordinating worship sharing, meeting for remembrance,
early morning worship, and men's, women's, FLGBTQ worship or centers.

First, I'm looking for volunteers for worship sharing.  Reply to this
message if you will consider leading two sessions of worship sharing at
yearly meeting.

Second, the men's, women's, FLGBTQ centers or worship have always been
expected to happen, often with no one coordinating them and with no
guidelines for the yearly meeting planning committee.  I ask for you who
are in the know or have a stake in any of these centers/worship sessions
to let me know their history and what you think they should be.

Third, someone is needed to lead the meeting for worship for
remembrance, which will probably happen Saturday morning.  It was at
9:30 last year.  Should we formally announce what this is for, or is
everyone likely to know?


The second and third must be ready by advance program deadline--March 7.

Thank you for your prompt responses.

Errol Hess

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