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Subject: Christian Peace Witness for Iraq Includes NO to Torture in Five  
Stephen McNeil
American Friends  Service Committee
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From:  Devon Davidson 
Sent: Friday, February 02, 2007 3:12  PM
Subject: Christian Peace Witness for  Iraq

Dear All—

I am writing to update you on  the Christian Peace Witness for Iraq to be 
held Friday evening, March 16,  2007, in Washington, D.C.  The event will begin 
with an ecumenical worship  service at the Washington National Cathedral at 
7:00 PM, followed by a  candlelight procession down Massachusetts Ave. to the 
White House, a distance of  about two and a half miles.  The event will continue 
with a late night  peace vigil in Lafayette  Park (and possibly encircling the 
White House).  Also at the White House, some participants plan to risk arrest 
in a  nonviolent act of "divine obedience" (civil disobedience). People of 
other  faiths are invited to join, but it’s explicitly a Christian witness 
because so  much of this war has been fought in the name of Christianity.  

The witness is timed to coincide with the fourth anniversary  of the start of 
the Iraq War.  It is being planned by more than twenty  Protestant and 
Catholic peace organizations, which have been working in  partnership since last 
fall.  AFSC is one of the partner organizations,  represented by Peter Lems.  
(Since the event organizers are still meeting  to decide the exact shape of the 
CD, we haven’t requested Board approval.  This means that participation of AFSC 
staff in that part of the event must  be as individuals.)

The participating groups have come together  around five basic affirmations: 

    1.  End the U.S.  Occupation (a prophetic word)  
    2.  Support Our  Troops (a pastoral word),  
    3.  Fund an  international effort to rebuild Iraq (a word of moral 
    4.  Say NO to  Torture  
    5.  Say YES to  Justice (especially concerning poverty issues in the 

One goal is to reclaim our prophetic voice for peace  in a way that honors 
our deepest commitments.  I believe this event will  help us do that.  We will 
be sending out more details on 4th  anniversary activities as they become 

Christian Peace Witness in Iraq 


Calendar of AFSC Peacemaking and Peacebuilding  Campaigns


Please  contact Peter for more information. 


Devon Davidson
Associate Director
National  Peacebuilding Unit
American Friends Service Committee
1501 Cherry  Street
Philadelphia,  PA 19102
(215) 241-7122
FAX:  (215)  241-7177
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