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Tue Feb 13 10:38:13 EST 2007

Friends, I pasted the info here, but attached the petition in a more  
printable form if you are interested.  
...Kristi Estes
Dear All,

Here is a good chance for doing good simply, speaking out  in large numbers.
TASSC is the international torture survivor network that  last year QUIT's
keynote speaker, Jennifer Harbury, is attorney for.   Please deliver this
petition to your meetings and other organizations for  signing to end the law
that legalizes torture.
John  Calvi
QUIT convener

John  Calvi
calvij at sover.net
PO Box 301
Putney VT 05346  USA

Subject: FW: A  Request from Dianna Ortiz & TASSC

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From:  pmagno at tassc.org [mailto:pmagno at tassc.org]
Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2007  12:20 PM
Subject: A Request from Dianna Ortiz & TASSC

Dear  Friends

We wanted to contact you to request that your organization  endorse our
Campaign to Repeal the Torture Law. An invitation from Sr. Dianna  Ortiz,

our Director,to do so is attached.

The Campaign is focussed  on oveturning the Military Commissions Act of
2006 in its entirety. The Act  has justly been criticized as a
frightening departure from long-established  legal protections and
procedures afforded the accused and as a terrible  aspect of the "war on
terror" that has so discredited our country in the eyes  of the world.

For TASSC International, an organization of torture  survivors, the MCA
clearly stands out as a law that validates torture and  makes its
continued and expanded use inevitable. Nothing is more urgent for  us
than abolishing torture and the laws that license it.

We hope you  can assist us in making this Campaign more visible and in
encouraging  individuals to demand Congressional repeal of this dreadful

We  look forward to your response

Thanks for all you do to end  torture

Paul Magno
Campaign Coordinator

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February 13,  2007 
Dear Friends,

On behalf of the members of TASSC International, all  of whom are survivors 
of torture, I am writing to urge you to endorse a  campaign we are conducting 
against torture here in the  United States.  We have no time to lose. The 
recently enacted Military Commissions Act of  2006 not only constitutes a direct 
assault on habeas corpus, it has effectively legalized the use of  torture by 
the U.S. Government. It is, in effect, a Torture Law. 
"What the Congress did and what the President signed essentially revokes  
over 200 years of American principles and values," according to George  
Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley, giving the President  "despotic 
The violation of human rights by this administration has been so  egregious 
that the Attorney General was moved to warn the President that he  could be 
found in violation of U.S. law (and hence his oath of office). To  its shame, 
Congress has provided immunity for  U.S. officials,  including the President, who 
had previously violated  U.S. law by  ordering torture.

The Military Commissions Act "effectively grants the  President the power of 
tyrants to undermine the foundations of Democracy,"  added Vincent Warren, 
Executive Director of the Center for Constitutional  Rights. David Cole, 
Professor of Law at  Georgetown  University, further warned that  nearly every law 
that began as "anti-foreigner" has been extended to  citizens of this country as 

It will come as no surprise to you that  as an organization of torture 
survivors, we are committed to opposing torture as  a crime against humanity, and to 
upholding the principles of human rights. The  Military Commissions Act of 
2006 not only facilitates the use of torture, it legalizes torture, and is an 
abomination  to all who believe in basic human dignity and the rule of law.

For TASSC,  time is of the essence. It is everyone’s moral responsibility to 
work for the  repeal of this dreadful piece of legislation. Because of the 
importance of this  campaign, we are asking others who believe in and work for 
human rights to join  with us in this effort. We ask you to endorse this 
campaign. By endorsement, we  mean that you will allow us to place your name on a 
list of endorsers of the  campaign to repeal the Military Commissions Act of 2006.

Of course, we hope that you will participate in  the campaign in other ways 
as well. However, your endorsement does not  obligate you in any way.

Thank you for considering our request.  We  look forward to hearing from you. 
Together we can bring the legalization of torture to an end in the  United  
Paul Magno                                                                  
Sr. Dianna Ortiz 
Executive Director 
Campaign to Repeal the Torture Law 
Please add our organization’s name to those who are endorsing the  Campaign 
to Repeal the Torture Law. We will promote the Campaign with our  members. 
Phone: __________________________Email:  _________________________ 
Return to:          TASSC International 
4121 Harewood Rd  NE, Suite B   
Washington DC 20017 
Telephone: 202-529-2991 
Fax: 202-529-8334 
pmagno at tassc.org 
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