[Sayma-Discuss] Military Judge Rules Lt. Watada Cannot Use Nuremberg Defense

Steve Livingston nc_stereoman at charter.net
Wed Jan 17 11:58:10 EST 2007

Apparently the Nuremberg Principles do not apply to the US military.


Questions for Quakers:

1. Do you believe there is such a thing as a "just war"?

2. Do you think the invasion of Iraq was illegal?

3. Do you think the Occupation of Iraq is illegal?

4. Do you hold individual soldiers responsible, under the Nuremberg 
Principles, for the war crimes committed in relation to US military 
actions in Iraq?

5. Is Lt. Watada justified in invoking the Nuremberg Defense?

For those not yet familiar with Lt. Ehrin Watada, I refer you to


We are at a momentous turning point in the conduct of US foreign policy, 
and Lt. Watada is an icon in the struggle to wrest control from the 
Executive Branch. I invite conversation on the general topic of curbing 
or ending the war as well.


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