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Please visit the peace and social concerns website of Southeastern Yearly Meeting and read the Thought for Seventh Month, 2007: http://seympeace.org/

This is the second featured selection from Richard Q. Ford's The Parables of Jesus: Recovering the Art of Listening (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1997)

In focusing on the seven longer parables, Ford challenges our traditional tendency to accept the assumption of the original Gospel editors that for Jesus "the economically superior figure represents some aspect of divine intent." 

If one lays aside this assumption, one can instead listen to the parables as stories of "two main characters [who] are misunderstanding each other.... [Each] is trying to make the other fit preconceived expectations, that is, each is attempting to avoid anxiety by distorting who the other person is." 

Perhaps Jesus intended to challenge his Galilean peasant listeners, who would have recognized the socio-economic realities described in the parables, to wonder at what was not said in the story, to seek to fill in the gaps, and to imagine how the characters might heal their misunderstanding.

[See Thought for Fourth Month, 2007 http://seympeace.org/reading2007.html#ford2 for Ford's reintepretation of the Parable of the Talents.]

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