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Dear Friend,

Check out the U Tube video that Quaker House 
(which SAYMA supports) has put on the world wide web.

Pass it on!  Especially to people in HS and youth 
whom the military is trying to recruit.

The truth will set us free of war.



>Dear Friend–
>  Big Video News from Quaker House!  Up on 
> YouTube there is a brand-new animated version 
> of our “Sgt. Abe the Honest Recruiter.  Under the headline,
>Before Your Sign – check Every Line!      Sgt. 
>Abe shows how what seems like a limited 
>enlistment in the military can easily become a 
>potentially unlimited commitment.
>  The animation is an exciting, informative 
> 41-second spot  in full color, geared to 
> today's fast-paced media audience. The work of 
> our brilliant computer artist, John Stephens, 
> this new resource is available to Truth In 
> Recruiting activists RIGHT NOW. You can refer 
> potential recruits to it, and it's easy to add 
> the YouTube video to your own website.
>  The military uses lots of video in its 
> recruiting efforts, and a flood of  commercials 
> on TV and the web. Starting now, Truth In 
> Recruiting workers have a response. We hope to have more of them soon.
>  This Sgt. Abe spot can be viewed at our new 
> website, 
> <http://www.thehonestrecruiter.org/>www.thehonestrecruiter.org, 
> where were bringing together a series of Truth 
> In Recruiting resources. I hope you'll look it 
> over soon, send us your feedback, and please help spread the word!
>Chuck Fager, Director
>Quaker House
>Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg NC www.quakerhouse.org www.thehonestrecruiter.org

PS:     Consider supporting this anti war 
messenger, if you are not already doing so by 
sending a contribution to Quaker House  at www.quakerhouse.org

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