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Subject: Immediate Action needed on the Habeas  Amendment

Immediate  Action Needed on the Habeas  Amendment

Dear  NRCAT Supporter:  Today or tomorrow, the Senate is expected to vote on 
an  amendment to restore the most basic human right to U.S. detainees - the 
right to  go before a court and ask the government to show that they have a 
basis for  their detention. The right of habeas corpus gives our federal courts 
the  opportunity to discover and address U.S.-sponsored acts of torture upon  
detainees. This right was stripped from the federal courts when Congress  passed 
and the President signed into law the Military Commissions Act last year.  
You can help change this.  Please contact your Senators today  (Capitol 
Switchboard 202-224-2131) and urge them to vote  "YES" on the  Specter-Leahy Amendment 
to the Department of Defense Authorization bill.  60 votes are needed in the 
Senate to pass the amendment. The following  Senators have not announced which 
way they plan to vote:  Sen. Joe  Lieberman (I-CT)
Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE)
Sen. Chuck Hagel  (R-NE)
Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN)
Sen. Larry Craig  (R-ID)
Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)
Sen. Olympia Snowe  (R-ME)
Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN)
Sen. George Voinavich  (R-OH)
Sen. John Sununu (R-NH)
Sen. Mary Landrieu  (D-LA)
Sen. Gordon Smith (R-OR)  Please contact your Senators --  whether they are 
on this list or not -- immediately and urge them to vote "YES"  on the 
Specter-Leahy Amendment to the Department of Defense Authorization bill.  After your 
calls, please help NRCAT by completing our online report form  
YS4)   . A report that you called and a description of anything noteworthy 
about the  call is always helpful to NRCAT as we work together.  Thank you for 
all you  do to end U.S.-sponsored torture.  Sincerely,  Linda and Rich  Linda 
Gustitus, President, Board of Directors, National Religious Campaign  Against 
Torture (NRCAT)  
Rev.  Richard Killmer, Executive Director, NRCAT  P.S. You might find these  
two editorials helpful:  

"Terrorism and  the Law: In Washington, a Need to Right Wrongs 
vVYS4)   " New York Times, 7/15/07.   
"Bring Back The Rule Of Law 
(http://www.democracyinaction.org/dia/track.jsp?v=2&c=FS+CPu05VhQIfwhw8I5jqpx7QdpvVYS4)   " Hartford Courant, 

You have received this message because you endorsed  the "Torture is a Moral 
Issue" statement of the National Religous Campaign  Against Torture, took 
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NRCAT.  If you no longer wish to receive emails  from the National Religious 
Campaign Against Torture, please click here 
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www.tortureisamoralissue.org _<http://www.democracyinactio
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