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 Dear Friends,

I haven't seen Michael Moore's new movie yet, but its message is well
documented and familiar to me. How can our nation's government change
direction from a focus on serving private insurance companies to a focus
on promoting the general welfare, as most other advanced Western nations
have done? Two important changes are needed IMHO: first and foremost,
changing the election campaign process to eliminate corporate control of
candidacies; and secondly, implementing a single-payer non-profit
tax-supported health insurance system.

It may seem daunting to advocate for these two seemingly unpopular ideas,
but fortunately there is a Presidential candidate who is at the podium
every day advocating for us. And in response to efforts by the more
popular candidates to shut him off and exclude him from the national
debate, a Friendly "third way" has been found to enhance the national
debate in a more, rather than less, inclusive way.

Supporting a "second tier" candidate may seem a waste of time and effort,
but I take heart in my conviction that "speaking truth to power" is more
important than "picking a winner". I support, and will continue to
support, the candidacy of Congressman Dennis Kucinich, not only for the
principles he stands for, advocates, and votes for, but also for the
extent to which his candidacy influences our national dialogue to include
examination of solutions that are in keeping with my Quaker principles.
On health care, campaign reform, the Iraq War, Education, Labor, and a
host of other issues, Dennis Kucinich speaks my mind.

Free: you, emotional? Who would have thought! ;-)


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  A message about our health care INSURANCE system and why we are
  paying too much for too little.     From a guy who is really
  emotional.  More than me, even!  ;-)


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