[Sayma-Discuss] NPR reply to my letter about their broadcast news

Free Polazzo freepolazzo at comcast.net
Sat Jul 21 18:08:57 EDT 2007

Dear Friends,

Below is a message I sent to NPR via their website and their response 
to my concern that they seem to almost always use military people as 
spokespersons (men almost always) for how to achieve peace in the 
latest war zone.

I want to encourage ALL of YOU to please take advantage of NPR's web 
site to send letters to them asking for more peace activists to be 
interviewed about how to achieve peace in the many wars we seem to be 
involved in.

Go to http://www.npr.org/contact/  and select the button "NPR 
Program"  and there you are!

Together we can make a joyful noise!



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>Dear Free,
>Thank you for contacting NPR's All Things Considered.
>We appreciate your thoughts regarding NPR's coverage of the war.
>Making decisions about covering the events that impact our everyday 
>lives is never easy. We make every attempt to ensure that the 
>segments and stories you hear on NPR programming, and the attention 
>devoted to them, are valid and appropriate.
>We welcome praise, as well as criticism, and your suggestion to 
>consult peace activists will be taken into consideration.
>Thank you for listening to All Things Considered, and for your 
>continued support of public broadcasting. For the latest news and 
>information, visit NPR.org.
>NPR Services
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>Date : 7/10/2007 6:34:14 PM
>Please Also interview peace advocates when you address war topics. 
>NPR does a good job of finding war "experts" to tell us, for example 
>"That we dont need benchmarks, we need acurate reporting so we can 
>devise a realistic strategy". (tody at 6!5 PM) How about you call 
>someone at the Amreican Friends Service Commiteee (AFSC) or Friends 
>Committee on National Legistlation (FCNL) or Quaker House,  to find 
>out what peace activits say about how to conduct our withdrawl from 
>Iraq. I get so tired of hearing from former Admirals, Genearls, 
>Colonols, Captains, etc. These people (men, moslty) only understand 
>warfare. Let us hear from those who understand peace and how to get it.
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