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dear Friend or Attender,

Our worship group (ACWG) received this email form 
Bill Taylor, a Quaker in Harford CT.

He is writing a book and would like feedback from other Quakers.

Very Interesting questions.



>To: Whom it may concern
>The report of the Military/Pacifist Similarities 
>Survey is now up, at 
>A blog for discussing future directions appears 
>Some have asked where the idea for the survey 
>originated. The www.AmericanConfusion website 
>describes the book that led to this project, 
>Lethal American Confusion: How Bush and the 
>Pacifists Each Failed in the War on Terrorism.
>Having criticized both the military and the 
>pacifists in the book, I began to wonder what 
>positive attributes they might have in common. 
>After making a list of possible similarities in 
>values and experiences between military and 
>pacifist viewpoints (admittedly oversimplifying 
>the complexity of both terms), I asked for 
>further suggestions from members of my Quaker 
>Meeting in Hartford (CT). Several members 
>contributed items to the first draft about 18 months ago.
>Other items came from suggestions by 
>respondents, and were added as the survey 
>progressed. (Because the intent of this survey 
>was consciousness-raising, and not formal 
>research, expanding-in-progress seemed appropriate.)
>All are invited to join an exchange of views 
>about the complex questions surrounding war and 
>peace in this chaotic new century. Do these two 
>ancient concepts need to be revised in an era of 
>multinational terrorist networks and multinational corporations?
>Will the concepts of war and peace survive the 
>deluge of proposals for new weapons, “netwar,” 
>and new approaches to national security and humanitarian relief?
>What would you recommend as a post-military, 
>post-pacifist approach to the challenges you see ahead?
>A suggestion: as you respond, tell us how you 
>arrived at your present views: who and what 
>influenced you, when did you form your opinions, 
>how did you form your image of those on the 
>other side(s) of the war/peace divide?
>After you read the report of results, post your 
>comments at 
>Thanks you, and kind regards,
>Bill Taylor <mailto:wrbftaylor at comcast.net>wrbftaylor at comcast.net
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