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"Healthy Solutions to Confront Global Warming" worksh. by Dan and Rita

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On Saturday:
"Healthy Solutions to Confront Global Warming" worksh. by Dan 
 and Rita
 Our Green Friends, Dan May and Rita Kilpatrick will be leading this 
 workshop at SAYMA
2:30-4:30 on Saturday.    Please join us if you can.
Healthy Solutions to Confront Global Warming- Rita Kilpatrick & Dan 
May (Atlanta MM)
We'll explore the energy choices we face in our region and consider 
 how they can nourish our relationships with each other & with the 
 We'll share the initiatives being tried in Atlanta Friends Meeting 
and invite other ideas from workshop participants.
Lecture 40%, Discussion 60%, Length 90 min. with visuals; all ages

On Friday:
Creating an Earthcare Testimony
This is ECN's workshop this year presented by Roy Taylor

Come learn about the creation of Testimonies in the life of Friends and then be a part of a threshing session about what an Earthcare Testimony might look like for SAYMA.  This is a chance for everyone to be heard and to have their sense on this subject recorded.  The workshop will include a short presentation and then become a "world café" conversation addressing a set of queries developed to elicit our core beliefs on this subject.
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