[Sayma-Discuss] The Empty Path: Nonaligned faith and practice in the present

Mike Shell bright_crow at mindspring.com
Sun Jun 10 12:10:54 EDT 2007

[Apologies for any cross-posting--Mike]


Last month I launched a new blog called The Empty Path: http://emptypath.wordpress.com/.

Some of you may recall that, during the SAYMA Gathering in May of 2000, I participated in a panel discussion on spiritual paths.

At that time I was just beginning to be able to articulate my insight that each of us is born into a family and community which teaches us a "native religious language."

Many folk are able to have full religious lives within the community which "speaks" that native language, but others of us become emigrants, refugees or even exiles, carrying a sometimes inchoate faith and practice along with us in search of a new language.

With the Empty Path, I join a whole community of Quaker and allied non-Quaker bloggers who are seeking to cross the perceived boundaries of yearly meetings, conferences, denominations, religions, etc., in search of a common language in which we can affirm the Real Presence we all know.

I invite you to read, and I encourage you to add your own comments.

Thank you,

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