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This is a short inspiring link from QUIT.
This is also torture awareness month and there is a lot going on in DC this  
week.  You can see more of that at _www.tassc.org_ (http://www.tassc.org) .  
Please hold in the  Light all those involved in this work - especially this 
week.  They  are really putting themselves out there and it is hard and sometimes 
 tramautizing work.
Thanks,  Kristi     
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Wow,  that's unexpected pressure on Bush. Yay, students!!! 

WASHINGTON   | June 26,  2007 
_National  Briefing: WASHINGTON:  Students Protest Treatment in Terror  Cases 
President Bush was presented with a letter from high  school seniors urging a 
halt to “violations of the human rights” of  terror suspects held by the 
United States. 
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