[Sayma-Discuss] The Empty Path: "Teacher's-petitude"

Mike Shell bright_crow at mindspring.com
Fri Jun 29 12:26:37 EDT 2007


I've added a new post to my blog, The Empty Path: Nonaligned faith and practice in the present at http://emptypath.wordpress.com/.

In this one, I explore in more depth the dilemma voiced here:

"I was hesitant to start a blog of the sort in which one promotes one’s own ideas, opinions and knowledge so nakedly.

"This venue of blogging ups the ante on the temptation one sometimes experiences in meeting for worship: to voice the clever things one has thought of, instead of waiting upon a true call to vocal ministry. Instead of holding the thought in one’s own quietness, unless and until it becomes viscerally clear that one cannot not speak it aloud."

Thank you,

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