[Sayma-Discuss] Seeking a term for "earthcare"

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 Thanks for your query, Roy, and for planning this valuable discussion at
our upcoming YM gathering. I have two thoughts to share on it.

1. I would suggest that our other Quaker testimonies not only denote a
state of being, but imply very specific actions; i.e., "peace" goes
beyond a state of being peaceful to include peacemaking; "integrity" is
not a badge I wear, it is a guideline for my daily relations to other
people and the communities with which I am involved.

2. There are two shades of meaning that fill out the term "care" making
the connection between belief and action that I find present in our other
Quaker testimonies. One, as you imply in your request, is "to care for",
meaning "to engage actively in the stewardship of". The other is "to care
about", which in my own Quaker practice embodies the concern, prayer, and
sometimes even action, that is described by the expression "holding in
the Light".

Finally, I would offer that while I find the term "earthcare" to be
completely acceptable to my mind to describe what may be a newly
discovered testimony of Friends, I expect there are other terms with
which I could easily unite. I look to the term "simplicity" for an
example of how complex and diverse descriptions of a testimony can arise
from one common expression.


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   Friends,I am working on a workshop on testimonies, leading to one
  on earthcare for Yearly Meeting.  The term "earthcare" denotes action
  while all our other testimonies are titled as a state of being;
  Peace, etc.  I am looking for a term that holds all of creation in a
  state of wholeness and grace that ECN as a group are seeking to
  achieve through our "earthcare".Roy Taylor
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