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Friends World Committee for  Consultation   

Section of the Americas  
May 24,  2007
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_Friends  affected by tornado_ (mip://03d45650/default.html#LETTER.BLOCK4)   _FWCC 
directory  verification needed_ (mip://03d45650/default.html#LETTER.BLOCK5)   
_Location, date  set for 2008 Annual Meeting_ 
(mip://03d45650/default.html#LETTER.BLOCK6)   _Friends'  conference against torture to take place next  weekend_ 
(mip://03d45650/default.html#LETTER.BLOCK7)   _Young adult  Friends seek to 
organize_ (mip://03d45650/default.html#LETTER.BLOCK8)   _Support FWCC  with a 
Charitable Gift  Annuity_ (mip://03d45650/default.html#LETTER.BLOCK9)        
Friends affected by recent Kansas tornado  
Our prayers  go out to the residents of Greensburg, Kansas, home to several  
Quaker families, whose small town was 95% flattened by a tornado  earlier this 
month.  Greensburg is 10 miles from Haviland, home  of Barclay College, where 
Evangelical Friends Church Mid-America YM  will hold its annual sessions this 
June.  Barclay College was  used as a staging area for Salvation Army, Red 
Cross and FEMA  operations.  Donations may be sent to Friends Disaster Service,  
c/o Bill Edwards, 7137 SE Hwy 66, Riverton, KS 66770, or to Friends  Disaster 
Service, c/o Tom Hoke, 925 Walker St., League City,  TX  77573.
Send in your verification  
Verification sheets for the 2007 edition of the  Friends Directory of 
Meetings, Churches and Organizations have now  been mailed out.  If your 
meeting/church or other Friends'  organization (school, camp, non-profit organization, 
etc.) has not  yet verified your listing by post or mail, we ask your help to 
move  this forward .
If you have  not received any verification information, and think you should  
have, please contact us as soon as possible by emailing _David Miles  _ 
(mailto:directory at fwccamericas.org) or calling the FWCC office at (215) 241-7250.
The FWCC  Directory is the most complete listing of Friends' meetings,  
churches, worship groups and other organizations in the US and  Canada.  It also 
lists contact information for yearly meetings  and other Friends' groups in 
Latin America.  FWCC is also  planning an online version of the directory.  

_Email your  directory  verification_ (mailto:directory at fwccamericas.org) 

2008 Annual Meeting in Indiana, April 3-6  
Next year's  Annual Meeting will take place at Waycross Episcopal Camp  and 
Conference Center in Morgantown, Indiana, north of  Bloomington.  Because 
Easter falls close to the third weekend  in March, the traditional date for the 
Annual Meeting, the meeting  has been moved to April 3-6, 2008.  We are  looking 
forward to the retreat-like, rural setting at  Waycross.
All Friends  are welcome to attend Annual Meeting.  Representatives to FWCC  
from yearly meetings in the Americas come together with other  interested 
Friends to do business and worship together.  For  2008 we expect full 
representation from Latin American yearly  meetings.  
Please save  the dates now!  Information and registration materials will be  
available on the FWCC website this  fall.
Second Friends' Conference to End Torture set for June  1-3, 2007
You  can still register to attend the Quaker Initiative to End  Torture 
(QUIT) conference in Greensboro, NC at Guilford  College.  This second conference 
is a follow-up to the first  QUIT conference held a year ago, which was 
partially funded by FWCC  and its Peace Issues Working Group.  Speakers include 
Alfred  McCoy, historian, professor and author of A Question of  Torture, and Tony 
Lagouranis,a former Army interrogator at Abu  Ghraib.  Registration materials 
and other important  information can be found on the _QUIT website_ 
torture-now.org/) .  QUIT is encouraging all  meetings and churches to 
consider sending a representative to this  conference.  

_For information and to register  _ 

Youth movement seeks to advance
Young  adults who attended the 2005 World Gathering of Young Friends and  who 
have been in communication since that time are seeking to  organize.  A few 
Friends recently met "...to vision what a  movement might look like for Friends 
in the 21st century and how to  begin a dialogue across the diverse and 
disparate branches within  the Religious Society of Friends."  To achieve this,  an 
invitation has been extended to Friends from all  yearly meetings, regardless 
of age, to meet at Olney Friends School,  Stillwater, OH, for a 
visioning/reunion weekend (June  22-24) followed by 'Quaker Camp' (June 24-29).  

This  independently organized group would like Friends to share news of  this 
gathering among Friends in the US and Canada.  For further  information, 
_contact the  organizers  directly_ (mailto:quakercamp at gmail.com) . 
Charitable Gift Annuities to Benefit  FWCC
Many  Friends of FWCC are faced with the challenge of balancing their  desire 
to support this ministry with their need for financial  security in 
retirement.  A gift annuity with FWCC, issued and  administered in partnership by 
Friends Fiduciary Corporation, can  serve as a safe and convenient way to receive 
lifetime income and  also respond to the desire to partner with FWCC in its 
ministry and  work.  Annuity rates are tied directly to the age of the income  
beneficiary at the time the gift is made.  For more information  about gift 
annuities please _contact us._ (mailto:LouiseS at fwccamericas.org)    

Donations  to the FWCC Annual Fund can be made online at any time.   

_I wish to make a contribution  now._ 
Contact Information  
phone:  215.241.7250  
email: _americas at fwccamericas.org_ (mailto:americas at fwccamericas.org) 
website:  _www.fwccamericas.org_ 

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