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Dear Friends,
This year your SAYMA Planning Committee has arranged for more and better

opportunities to show videos to interested Friends during the YM 
Gathering next month. There are a number of facilities available to us 
that include LCD projectors with plug-ins for computers and dvd players,

as well as sites that are equipped with dvd players, vcr's, and tv's.
During the morning hours on Thursday all of the time is unprogrammed, 
allowing for showing of feature-length movies. In addition, there is an 
evening time slot on Thursday through Saturday from 9 pm on, for those 
who can function that late at night. During the day on Friday and 
Saturday there are two opportunities for shorter videos: 11 am to noon 
and 4 to 5 pm. Bear in mind that in the 11-noon time slot, there will be

committee and interest group meetings, and in the afternoon a few of the

workshops will not end until after 4 pm.
If you want to reserve space for a video presentation, please let me 
know which time slot(s) you want, and a brief description of your video.

I will assign space on a first-come first-served basis, but I doubt we 
will run out of facilities, so procrastinators are still likely to be 
able to sign up at Registration. I will post and announce information on

the videos as I am able, so plan to do your own promoting!
I look forward to a wonderful and fulfilling Yearly Meeting. See you
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