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Dear  All,

Please hold in the Light The Quaker Initiative to End Torture this  weekend 
June 1-3 2007 as we have our second international conference at Guilford  
College.  We seek to hear spiritual guidance for our learning and choosing  
actions.  Two of our documents are below as well as website.  Thank  you for your 
help from afar, John

John  Calvi
calvij at sover.net
PO Box 301 
Putney VT 05346  USA

Witness Preparation Meditation – John Calvi

Take a long  slow deep breath, again longer slower deeper
Spread your toes and lower your  shoulders
Soften your hands and feet
Clear your thoughts, laying down the  noise of the world
Straighten your back, head high
Soften your jaw and  your gaze
Breathe slowly, deeply
Let reverence and humility wash over  you
Now witness, see what has been created beyond you
Feel the change in  your gut, the body shift
Welcome emotions, observe inwardly &  outwardly
Feel deeply & hold to the center
Breathe, loosen, lengthen,  soften
Soften, Witness, feel, hold, soften
Soften, Witness, feel, hold,  soften
Soften, prepare to hold to the center
Let the witness change  you
Be the anchor and the wave
Hold the Light as you see the pain
Then  choose the inward and outward work.

John Calvi
www.johncalvi.com  _<http://www.johncalvi.com/>_ (http://www.johncalvi.com/)  
PO  Box 301 Putney VT 05346 USA
calvij at sover.net _<mailto:calvij at sover.net>_ (mailto:calvij at sover.net)   
Sabbatical 2008 celebrating 25 years of healing  trauma work  
Dear  Friends:

The Quaker Initiative to End Torture seeks to make a  spiritual work of 
ending the worst of human activity.  We keep the  disciplines of Friends 
historically as we listen for guidance and respond  knowing that none is the enemy and 
all are kindred. We seek truth in a time when  deceit is common and a norm, 
knowing that reverence will open the way to more  truth.  We witness that 
brutality attracts power for power’s sake and  without Light.  We know this to be out 
of balance with the human-Divine  connection.  It sickens all who 

The  preparation for our work begins with the humility of attempting a large 
task  knowing that it will go on after us.  We walk in the Light with the 
prayers  of many and hold ourselves tenderly as we learn of “experiments” and  “
improvements” in torture.  As we mourn new laws protecting torture, we  know 
that hard work builds spiritual muscle and that this strength is birthed in  the 
on-going rhythms of stillness and action.  

As we seek to  witness the wounding without carrying the paralyzing confusion 
and pain into  ourselves or to others, we also know that we grieve the loss 
of humanity in what  we see.  Responding to all these opposites becomes a dance 
within us to  learn, grieve, act, and seek the Light.  We each choose our 
work carefully,  knowing that a small thing done well for the long haul is more 
useful than the  large thing done poorly and ending in exhaustion or despair.  

We remember that hope is the desire for goodness with the  expectation that 
it can be achieved.  And in our better moments, we are  grateful that such hard 
work will change us, bring us closer to the Divine, and  put us in awe of all 

In the Light, 

John  Calvi, QUIT  convener

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