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Thursday, June 7I am truely sorry Catherine Hogan Smith, that I cannot attend the yearly meeting this year.  I will be thinking of the committee.  And each of you.

In Peace

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  Please find below the schedule for the bookstore at SAYMA Yearly Meeting and the available time slots for volunteers. We would be very grateful if those attending Yearly Meeting would check your schedules and let us know if you are willing to fill any of these slots. The bookstore is to be in Gladfelter as in previous years. Thank you!

  SAYMA Bookstore Committee
  Kay H. Smith & Missy Ivie 


  Thursday, June 7      6:00-6:45 PM     _1.___________2._________


                            9:00-10:30 PM   _1._Kay_______2._________


  Friday, June 8         11 AM-12 noon   _1.___________2._________


                            1:00-2:15 PM     _1.__________2._________


                            2:15-3:30 PM     _1.__________2.__________


                            3:30-5:00 PM     _1.__________2.__________


                            6:00-6:45 PM     _1.__________2.__________


                            9:00-10:30 PM   _1.__________2.__________


  Saturday, June 9     1:15-2:15 PM     _1.__________2.__________


                             2:15-3:30 PM    _1._________2.___________


                            3:30-5:00 PM    _1.__________2.__________


                            6:00-6:45 PM    _1.__________2.__________


                                      9:00-10:30 PM   _1.__________2.___________



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