[Sayma-Discuss] Cindy Sheehan's letter of conscience Redux

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Having endured during and as a result of our Vietnam devastation what
Cindy is speaking to, I thank thee for the sharing.
Cindy, should you ever receive this message, know that I know.
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This letter from Cindy Sheehan is not easy to read, yet it is worth 
reading more than once.    She speaks the truth, I belive, in that 
all are complicate in the continuing war We all must know that what 
we are doing in Iraq is not only wrong, but goes against America's 
self proclaimed values and even self interest.    Yet where are the 
millions of people in the street, demanding an immediate end to the 
war in Iraq?
I see Cindy as a person who, after the death of her beloved son, 
Casey, did NOT pretend that he died for her safety or 
benefit.   Being willing to face what is really happening in the war 
in Iraq and put everything on the line to get our actions to change, 
makes her a hero in my book.;   I can't wait for the book that she 
must eventually write about her journey.   It should tell us much 
about our country.
As she says at the end of her letter:   "I't up to you, now".
Thank you, Cindy, for telling us the awful truth that we have "met 
the enemy and it is us".
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