[Sayma-Discuss] Bhutto's aid asks Crawford Texas Peace House to deliver request to Bush

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Dear Friends,

I am on Ciindy Sheehan's mail list and just got this Press Release.

This is something the Daily Show with John Stewart would love to 
report on, IF their writers were not on strike.

How sad and how ironic that President Bush's "Friend" is now 
attacking democracy.   Very similar to President Putin of Russia's 
actions after Bush called him a "Friend".

Is there a way we can ask the President to not abuse the word Friend?



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>Press Release
>For Immediate Release
>November 9, 2007
>Contacts: Hadi Jawad 214-392-2939 or Johnny Wolf  469-879-2227
>Bhutto's aid asks Crawford Texas Peace House to deliver request to Bush
>Pakistani-Americans say Pakistan's crisis result of bad US foreign policy
>Crawford, Texas -- "Former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, 
>through one of her aids, has asked The Crawford Texas Peace House to 
>deliver a request to President George Bush to demand that Musharraf 
>restore the Constitution, lift the emergency rule and hold elections 
>as scheduled," said Hadi Jawad, a founder of the Peace House in 
>Crawford. ABC Australia news reported late Thursday night that it 
>appears Bhutto is now under house arrest.
>Musharraf, who President Bush calls his friend, has received 
>billions of dollars worth of arms and military training for his 
>security forces in the past several years from the United States. 
>Some of those arms, that include F-16 fighter jets, tens of 
>thousands of parts for the M-113 armored personnel carrier, rifles, 
>pistols, and revolvers are now being used by Musharraf's army 
>against peaceful demonstrators including lawyers, judges and supreme 
>court justices, reported Ali Gharib in the Inter Press Service.
>"With an additional, nearly $1.5 billion US military aid package 
>proposed for Pakistan in 2008, President Bush must use more than 
>soft rhetoric against Musharraf's recent human rights violations.The 
>strong reservations of the administration to take decisive steps to 
>punish Musharraf and help end the crisis in Pakistan stand in stark 
>contrast to its declared foreign policy principles in the so-called 
>freedom agenda,"said Gharib.
>"The current crisis in Pakistan is a direct result of bad US foreign 
>policy and the misguided war on terrorism,"said Syed Hassan, a 
>Pakistani-American. "Supporting dictatorships will not produce 
>positive results."
>"Currently, Pakistan's constitution is in abeyance, Judges are 
>detained, media is curbed, military chief is the ruler, political 
>workers are in jails and all political institutions are in shambles, 
>while US is perceived as the backer and supporter of the 
>dictator,"Hassan continued. "This is a perfect storm against 
>American interest in this region and certainly a big setback to war 
>on terrorism. John Negroponte's statement in which he termed 
>Musharraf as 'indispensable' is deplorable.  We would urge the US 
>administration to handle it in similar manner as we recently had 
>with Myanmar," Hassan said.
>Hassan will speak at a press conference on Saturday, November 10, in 
>Crawford, Texas  at The Crawford Texas Peace House. Aftab Siddiqui, 
>Vice President of Texas Muslim Democratic Caucus and a member of 
>Texas Muslim Political Task Force  who recently founded  Pakistan 
>Democracy Watch, will also speak. (See details below.)
>"President Bush has a special obligation to stand up to General 
>Musharraf's actions, given that nations' dependence on aid and arms 
>supplies from the US," said John Wolf, founder of the Crawford Texas 
>Peace House. He strongly cautions President Bush from being inspired 
>by Musharraf's actions.
>Press Conference: 2:30 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 10
>Crawford Texas Peace House
>9142 5th Street, Crawford Texas
>Phone: 254-486-0099
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