[Sayma-Discuss] Joni Mitchell - "Hana"

Mike Shell bright_crow at mindspring.com
Wed Nov 21 15:47:29 EST 2007


As a Thanksgiving greeting for all of you, I wanted to share the lyrics of Joni Mitchell's song, "Hana," from her new album, "Shine" http://jonimitchell.com/musician/album.cfm?id=28.

I had included the title song as Thought for Eleventh Month on SEYMpeace.org (see http://seympeace.org/reading2007.html#mitchell).

This song gives a sort of "tough hope" counterbalance to that one.

Blessed Be,

by Joni Mitchell 
Hana steps out of a storm
Into a stranger's warm, but 
Hard-up kitchen.
She sees what must be done
So she takes off her coat 
Rolls up her sleeves
And starts pitchin' in.

Hana has a special knack
For getting people back on the right track
'Cause she knows 
They all matter
So she doesn't argue or flatter
She doesn't fight the slights
She takes it on the chin 
Like a champ

Hana says when life's a drag 
Don't cave in 
Don't put up a white flag
Raise up 
A white banner
In this manner-
Straighten your back 
Dig in your heals
And get a good grip on your grief!

Hana says, "Don't get me wrong
This is no simple Sunday song
Where God or Jesus comes along 
And they save ya."
You've got to be braver than that
You tackle the beast alone
With all its tenacious teeth!
Light the lamp. 

Copyright  2007; Crazy Crow Music 

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