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Quakerkristi at aol.com Quakerkristi at aol.com
Wed Nov 28 17:42:22 EST 2007

For those of you who will be at Rep Meeting on Saturday, I would like to  
plant a question in your mind that we might start to talk about.  Those of  you 
who won't be there might have comments too......
We currently have meetings for business quarterly....April, June (at  Yearly 
Meeting gathering), Sept. and Dec.
Dec. meetings tend to have very little business to decide.  We often  give 
time to WQO rep reports from recent meetings and I know Yearly  Meeting Planning 
Committee needs to meet...but is the Dec. Representative  Meeting 
        Would it make more sense to  have a June, Oct and March Meeting?
        Is it a good use of  resources?
        Would we have better  participation with fewer meetings?
I really like the fellowship, reminders and discussions, but would that be  
just as rich only 3 times a year?
Could much of this be done by email?  In the minutes for the last 7  years - 
16 action items have been brought to the Winter meeting for  business.  Almost 
all of these could have been decided in  Fall/Spring.
I'm not trying to discourage this Meeting - I hope many of you can  attend.  
But I think this is a useful question. Give it some  consideration and let's 
talk about it Saturday - no decisions for now.
Thanks,  Kristi

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