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The article referenced below is rather long but so fascinating that I
made it through the entire piece.  I'm including only a snippet; I have
wondered how many people we have killed in Afghanistan since 2001, and
what the final numbers of people killed in Iraq due the economic
blockade we imposed on the Iraqi people for 14 years was; below is one
estimate.  When I went to Iraq in 2003 the local community purchased
$600 of the most basic medicines for me to take with me.  It was of
course illegal by US law to take medicine to sick people.  Kathy Kelly,
Bert Sachs and Voices in the Wilderness were all fined thousands of
dollars for this particular crime.  I think Bert is still threatened
with a prison sentence.  I remember that we saw rows and rows of
children in the hospitals in Baghdad and Basra in hospital beds with
strange, ugly tumors and cancers--- with no medicines available, no IVs
possible because the bags you use for IV's (I forget what they are
called) had been judged to have a potential duel use-- as water balloons
or something.  So the kids just sat there for a month or two and then
died, to be replaced by others.  Then in 2003 we bombed the hospitals.

Torture, Paramilitarism, Occupation and Genocide
Torture as Policy under George Bush

by Stephen Lendman

Global Research, October 25, 2007

Imperial Genocide in Iraq

Dr. Gideon Polya is a well-published biological scientist who's book,
"Body Count: Global avoidable mortality since 1950," came out this year.
It "documents....non-reported (worldwide) avoidable death(s) of 1.3
billion people since 1950" including in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also
published his data on millions of violent and non-violent deaths under
the three most recent US administrations in articles like his October 7
one on Countercurrents.org. In it, he cites data on Iraq from the
Lancet, UN and British polling firm ORB. His "Asian Wars" totals in
Iraq, Afghanistan, Occupied Palestine and Lebanon are horrific, and, if
correct, exceed any others published to date. A summary of his data

-- Eight million total violent and non-violent deaths in Iraq,
Afghanistan, Palestine and Lebanon breaking down as follows:

-- 70,000 "US-backed" Israeli-caused deaths in Lebanon from 1978 - 2006,
10,000 of which were violent killings "by Israelis" or their

-- 300,000 1967-2007 Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) deaths plus
another 10,000 violent deaths;

-- 200,000 violent 1990-91 Gulf war deaths;

-- 1.7 million 1990-2003 Iraqi sanctions-caused deaths including 1.2
million children under age five;

-- 3.2 million 2001-2007 US Afghanistan war deaths including UN
Population Division data totaling 2.5 million plus 700,000 children
under age five;

-- 2.0 million 2003-07 US Iraq war deaths including 1.2 million UK
polling firm ORB violence-related estimates plus 800,000 children under
age five from UNICEF data; and

-- 500,000 2001-07 opiate drug-related deaths resulting from the
resurgent Afghan opium industry under US-UK occupation; the UN Office on
Drugs and Crime estimates its output at 93% of world production.

Polya cites the failure of occupying powers to supply essential
"life-sustaining requisites" as a major cause of preventable deaths. He
also notes his eight million estimate exceeds the Nazi-inflicted Jewish
holocaust total of about six million. And he rightly observes that major
media misreporting, denying or "ignoring of this horrendous, ongoing
mass" slaughter is the equivalent of Jewish holocaust denial and doing
it endangers security for "both....victims and....perpetrators."

There's no denying the toll on victims, but consider the cost at home

-- a nation with no outside enemies permanently at war and claims the
right to wage preventive wars under the doctrine of "anticipatory
self-defense" using first strike nuclear weapons even against
non-nuclear states;

-- world stability and peace further threatened by the administration's
abandoning NPT, ending Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty protection,
rescinding and subverting the Biological and Toxic Weapons Convention,
deploying so-called "missile defense" for offense, and plans to
weaponize space toward the goal of "full-spectrum (unchallengeable)
dominance" of all land, surface and sub-surface sea, air, space,
electromagnetic spectrum and information systems plus as much of the
world's energy resources as possible;

-- a military budget hugely exceeding the rest of the world combined;
The Independent Institute analyst Robert Higgs estimates the true FY
2007 budget exceeds $1 trillion with all defense-related items included;

-- a rogue government operating outside constitutional and international
laws and norms with the Congress and courts criminally complicit;

-- an unprecedented wealth disparity in an omnipotent corporatist state;

-- growing social decay and poverty in the richest country in the world;

-- a secretive, intrusive, repressive administration under a president
who disdains the public interest and is a serial liar and war criminal;

-- condoning and operating secret torture-prisons around the world as a
weapon of cruelty, vengeance and social control; and

-- a cesspool of corruption stemming from incestuous business-govenment
ties that defile democracy and mock any notion of government of, for and
by the people.

Stephen Lendman is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on
Globalization (CRG) He is based in Chicago. He can be reached at
lendmanstephen at sbcglobal.net. 

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