[Sayma-Discuss] SEYMpeace.org update, plus Johan Maurer on the "surge"

Mike Shell bright_crow at mindspring.com
Sat Sep 8 09:24:46 EDT 2007


Please visit the peace and social concerns site of Southeastern Yearly Meeting and read the "Thought for Ninth Month": http://seympeace.org.

Also, I've linked to an eloquent post on John Maurer's blog called "The 'surge' is not a failure!": http://johanpdx.blogspot.com/2007/09/friday-ps-surge-is-not-failure.html

I urge you to read Friend Maurer's piece.  Here are the opening paragrahs:

"I keep getting e-mails from political action groups urging me to sign petitions about the failure of the Bush-inspired "surge" of occupation forces in Iraq, and the consequent need to pull forces out quickly.

"For God's sake, don't give in to this oversimplified and easily countered rhetoric. The failure is not in the escalation at all, based on the military logic involved. Wherever troop levels have been increased, it may well be possible to show an increase in security. Militarily, the surge has accomplished all that it can do. The soldiers have not failed to do what is in their power to do. Yes, the statistics have been spun wildly, as many pundits argue, but whether the overall Iraqi death toll is somewhat up or somewhat down, it is hard to argue with the U.S. administration when they say things are better than they would have been without those additional soldiers.

"Arguing about the success or failure of the escalation traps us critics within the rhetorical frame of the administration. The issue has always been that the war itself, and the ongoing occupation, are utterly flawed--in philosophy, morality, legitimacy, implementation, and lack of exit strategy. The surge itself has succeeded brilliantly in buying President Bush half a year or more of stalling time. "

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