[Sayma-Discuss] All bio fuels are NOT created equal

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Dear Free,
Thank you for sending out this article.

Energy independence, sustainability, pollution, climate change, etc. are all 
terms that are part of an integrated science thinking that make up 
contemporary life.  Bio based fuels do not create less air pollution in 
terms of health and breathing issues in the same way as creating energy from 
solar and wind power do.  Bio based fuels are still burnt and give off 
similar emissions.  Many of the emissions are lower on the carbon chain but 
that is splitting hairs.  Mostly they are near net zero carbon creators in 
that they absorb carbon while they are growing and release it in their use, 
where as coal and oil use are introducing very old carbon that has been 
successfully sequestered for millions of years, very unsustainable.

The use of food based bio-fuels is destructive to the world economy in so 
many ways as to wonder why they are popular at all.  Cellulosic ethanol 
(non-food) holds a much brighter future for bio-based fuels.  In this case 
we are making fuel from the corn stalks (switch grass, etc.) not the corn.


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Dear Friends,

Bio fuels are touted as a "solution" to the air pollution problems we
create by using petroleum powered cars.

Yet, using corn is not really helping us, even as many politicians
and GM says that is the way.   Time to learn more about the "grey"
area of bio fuels.   Which are best and which are not so good to use.

Here is a part of the story from the union of concerned scientists.

Continueing revelation is quite a lot of work, isn't it?  :-|


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