[Sayma-Discuss] Liberation Theology is not just 'Black'

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Tue Apr 1 15:07:26 EDT 2008

 freepolazzo at comcast.net writes:

> >So, while I agree with  your article and the message that the USA is not 
> living up >to its own ideals, I am not so sure Rev. Wright should have used 
> the Jewish >scriptures to make his point

Free, my comcerm was not so much with his theology, as distinct from the 
understanding of Friends. It was with his rhetoric, which has been misunderstood 
(wilfully, I suspect) to be calling for the damnation of this nation. I was 
trying to clarify just what he was saying. I think that Rev. Wright believes that 
the Hebrew Bible is scripturally valid, and thus it forms a foundation for 
his preaching. It doesn't matter, in looking to understand what Rev. Wright was 
or wasn't saying, what you or I  or George Foxe might think about the validity 
of the Hebrew Scriptures.

My best wishes,

Joel (not John)   </HTML>
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