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Tue Apr 8 19:44:14 EDT 2008

Meandering thoughts.....
Memphis is awfully quiet today - tired from the intensity of last night's  
deeply disappointing loss to Kansas!
I went to a friend's "pentecostal" church last night to watch the game with  
their congregation (of about 30 folks).  We had a small potluck in the  
fellowship hall and watched the game together.  We paced, yelled, groaned,  and 
shook the tambourines at all the appropriate moments.  Then around 11  we hung our 
heads and walked out to our cars together.
I wondered why none of the Memphis Friends gathered for this BIG  game.  
Maybe because one of our members is from Kansas.  Then what do  we do?  not invite 
her? not cheer too loud?  celebrate with her in a  inauthentic way?  (or 
maybe our televisions are just too small)
Made me think about how we are together.  It's just not  easy...especially 
when you want to pace, yell, groan and shake the tambourines  in a roar of 
Maybe next year?  
PS - Congratulations Cathy - y'all deserved it!!!!

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