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Wed Apr 9 08:33:42 EDT 2008

Let me try this again.
My basketball game reflections were more my thoughts about the difficulties  
of a wide, diverse community - that liberal Quakerism forms.
Our strength is that  special diversity, those open arms that takes in  so 
many spiritual refugees and gives them a vital deep way to be together with  God.
Our weakness is that it limits us and it is very difficult to expose  deepest 
 joys and fears to each other.
I was really, really not trying to infer that Memphis Friends Meeting  is 
unfriendly or negligent in this way. It was a much broader  reflection and the 
tone must have come across very differently than my  feelings on this. 
I used the name of Memphis Friends only because it was a Memphis-Kansas  game 
and it illustrated to me our challenge as a religious society
I am sorry if I offended folks and I hope you can forgive that.
to SAYMA Friends  -  Sorry to drag you into my blunder..

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