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If one only is driven by cold facts you have known to be true, then as these 
facts are proven to  be incomplete or outright falsehoods, one will know 
less and less until one knows too little to be of value.  So, that said, how 
do we broaden our vision and our wisdom.  By looking inside ourselves? 
Partly.  By reconsidering our assumptions and our basic tenets?  Partly.  By 
letting go of our preconceived notions of the truth, and by assuming less? 
partly.  Perhaps we need to operate with the idea that we will be surprised 
by life and people,and the earth, if we treat them and it as we would wan t 
to be treated.

Which we known makes excellent sense.

Jere Licciardello

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Please visit the website of Southeastern Yearly Meeting's peace and social 
concerns committee, take a look at the "Thought for Eighth Month," and check 
out "What's NEW?" at http://seympeace.org/index.html#NEW.

Blessed Be,

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