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Liz, My first thought is stay out of Atlanta in Feb and head for Savannah. P 

"Our life is love and peace and
tenderness; and bearing one with
another, and forgiving one another:
and not laying accusations one
against another; but praying one
for another; and helping one
another up with a tender hand." 
Issac Pennington,1828 
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HelloSAYMA Friends!
Friends for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Concerns hopes tohold its 2010 MidWinter (February) Gathering in Georgia.  Can SAYMArecommend a camp that we could rent for Presidents' Day Weekend?  We're lookingfor someplace that has enough heated, indoor space to be useable during awinter gathering but not too expensive.  We're used YMCA camps in thepast, if that gives you an idea of what kind of space we need.  If youknow of Friends who would be interested in serving on the planning committee,that would be even better!
In Peace,
Jen Chapin-Smith
FLGBTQC Long Range Conference Planning Committee
(member of Adelphi Monthly, Baltimore Yearly)

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