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Dear SAYMA Friends,


Information for those in your meetings who may wish to do a summer service
project in Mexico.








The Mexico Summer Project 2009!


100_0027.JPGThe American Friends Service
<http://www.afsc.org/mexico-summerproject/>  Committee (AFSC) is seeking
motivated volunteers for the 2009 Mexico Summer Project that will run from
June 25 to August 8, 2009.  This is an opportunity to learn about diverse
cultures and experiences and to learn ways to address the political, social,
ecological, and economic challenges of the present and the future. 


The project is carried out in collaboration with Servicio
<http://www.afsc.org/mexico-summerproject/ht/d/ContentDetails/i/4274> ,
Desarollo, y Paz, A.C. (SEDEPAC), a prominent Mexican non-governmental
organization. AFSC and Quakers in Mexico launched the program in 1939.  In
developing and implementing the 2009 Mexico Summer Project, SEDEPAC and AFSC
will work closely with Unidad
Indígena Totonaca Nahuatl (UNITONA), an indigenous development organization
in the area. The program is celebrating its 70th year and continues to
provide positive life-changing experiences for diverse youth and local


The Program

In 2009 participants will live together in indigenous communities in the
mountainous northeastern region of Puebla, Mexico, commonly called the
Sierra Norte de Puebla.  After four days of orientation, including a 2-day
home stay with a local host family (community immersion), participants are
divided into five groups. Each group of about 10 to 14 spends the next seven
weeks living as a family in an indigenous village where they engage with the
local community in cultural and recreational exchanges, assigned work
projects for sustainable development, and workshops on various topics
important to the local community and the group members.   




AFSC seeks applicants who are interested in service, advocacy, and social
justice—both in Latin America and their own communities.  Participants must
be 18-26 years old and able to communicate well in Spanish, the language of
the project at all times. AFSC requires that participants undergo a
pre-project physical exam. They must participate for the full seven weeks of
the program, from June 25- August 8, 2009 and be willing and prepared to
live with a small group of peers in a remote rural area of Mexico. 



Participants are responsible for a $1,350 project fee, which covers food,
lodging, and transportation related to the project. Participants are also
responsible for the cost of their travel to and from Mexico City. A
non-refundable registration fee of $250 is due upon acceptance and the
remainder in June 2009. Through the Dewitt Wallace Youth Travel Enrichment
Fund of the New York Community Trust we
<http://www.afsc.org/mexico-summerproject/ht/d/ContentDetails/i/4276>  are
able to provide scholarships to applicants who demonstrate financial need.
Applicants should fill out a scholarship
request form along with the application
if they want to be considered for a scholarship.



Please send an email to request the forms or click
here for an application.  All applications must be submitted to AFSC by
March 20, 2009.   In April, up to 34 participants and five facilitators from
the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico will be notified of their
acceptance.  Applicants from other countries should contact SEDEPAC at
proyectoverano at sedepac.org.mx   Additional qualified applicants will be
placed on a waiting list and contacted if space becomes available.


For additional brochures and information:

American Friends Service Committee

IPLAC – Mexico Summer Project

1501 Cherry Street

Philadelphia, PA 19102

(215) 241-7162

 (215)241-7026 (fax)

mexicosummer at afsc.org



“To be able to be a volunteer in such a project is to live with different
cultures and poor communities and know you can learn and teach with
examples.” --MSP 2006 Participant


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