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Good News Bulletin

Winter 2008  
In this issue  _Corporate Discernment Materials on the  web_ 
(mip://033db2f0/default.html#LETTER.BLOCK5)   _Giving surge earns $50,000 challenge for  FGC_ 
(mip://033db2f0/default.html#LETTER.BLOCK6)   _QuakerBooks hits record 
numbers_ (mip://033db2f0/default.html#LETTER.BLOCK7)   _Young Adult Friends to gather 
for Memorial Day weekend 2008  _ (mip://033db2f0/default.html#LETTER.BLOCK11) 
  _Last call for upcoming "Safe Spaces" workshop for Quaker  Youth planners_ 
(mip://033db2f0/default.html#LETTER.BLOCK10)   _Help us improve our emailing  
lists!_ (mip://033db2f0/default.html#LETTER.BLOCK12)     Dear Kristi, 

Hello and Happy New Year from  Friends General Conference!  We hope everyone 
enjoyed the  holiday season and send warm wishes to you in these cold winter  
months.  So much has been happening at FGC and we are excited  to share with 
you a few key items in this issue of the Good News  Bulletin.  Read on and 


Carrie  Glasby
Development Manager
carrieg at fgcquaker.org


Corporate Discernment Materials on the  web  

We are delighted to report that materials concerning  Corporate Discernment 
have been posted under the Quaker Library  section of the FGC website.  (FGC 
mailed these materials to  monthly meetings this fall. They were so 
well-received that we  wanted to share them with everyone!)  Also, we'd still love to  
hear from meetings who wish to reflect on the queries and send  responses to FGC.

_View the Corporate Discernment  materials_ 


Giving surge earns $50,000 challenge for  FGC  

Thanks to a surge in year-end donations, FGC earned a  $50,000 challenge 
offered by a group of Quaker families.  FGC  received more than 300 contributions 
from Friends who increased,  renewed and gave for the first time! We are 
thrilled to have met  this challenge and remain deeply grateful for all of your 
support.  FGC's  programs and services would not be possible without the work and 
 confidence of our supporters!  Thank you!

_See more info on giving to  FGC_ 

QuakerBooks hits record numbers  

QuakerBooks of FGC filled a record number of orders  during the second week 
of December.  The rush was inspired by  the latest 'Book Musings' from Lucy and 
an offer of free priority  shipping.  Thanks to all those who responded so 
favorably to  the offer and for your ongoing support of QuakerBooks!  To see  
the most recent additions to the bookstore's offering, check out the  _'New' 
xyfUs5) .  To see  what sells best to Friends, see the recently added 
_'Bestsellers' category_ 
d478aV-23v2c9wuDg) .   

_Visit QuakerBooks of  FGC_ 

Young Adult Friends to gather for Memorial Day weekend  2008   

Please help us spread the word about a wonderful conference  for Young Adult 
Friends, "Living as Friends, Listening Within" to be  held Memorial day 
weekend, May 23-26, 2008 in Richmond,  Indiana.  The conference will offer workshops 
on leadings and  callings and provide YAF's a chance to share in worship and 
play.  Young adults from meetings and churches affiliated with FGC, Friends  
United Meeting (FUM), Evangelical Friends International (EFI), and  Independent 
and Conservative yearly meetings are planning this  exciting event!  

_Read more and download the  flyer_ 

Last call for upcoming "Safe Spaces" workshop for Quaker  Youth planners 

FGC's Youth Ministries and Religious Education  Committees are co-sponsoring 
a workshop with Pendle Hill on safety  issues for overnight events for middle 
and high school-aged  Friends.  The workshop, "Building and  Holding Safe 
Spaces  for Quaker Youth", will be held at Pendle Hill from February 8-10,  2008.  
Friends will have opportunities to look at what yearly  meetings have put 
together around issues of safety for youth and  seek common ground on issues 
relating to guidelines and program  expectations.  

_Read more about "Safe Spaces"  workshop for Quaker Youth  planners_ 

Help us improve our emailing lists!  

Special Request!! We are rebuilding our FGC Meeting Contact  email list to 
work with our new e-newsletter program.  If you  want to receive emails about 
FGC's four quarterly resource mailings  (including electronic versions of the 
paper materials sent to your  Meeting), click on the "Update Profile/Email 
Address" link at the  bottom of this email.  On the screen that follows, add 
yourself  to the "FGC Monthly Meeting  Resources" list.

If you  aren't already a Meeting Contact and want more information on  
sharing FGC resources with your meeting, please also email Annie  Ruckdeschel 
(_anner at fgcquaker.org_ (mailto:anner at fgcquaker.org) ), re: FGC Meeting  Contact 
Program.  Thank you!!!  


The  FGC Good News Bulletin is an occasional e-newsletter sent to FGC  
program participants, customers, committee members, volunteers, and  financial 
supporters.  Our goal is to share brief important  news in the life of Friends 
General Conference.  We usually  send these between six to eight times per year.

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friends at fgcquaker.org

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