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Wed Feb 27 15:00:58 EST 2008

On Monday I accompanied Peterson Toscano to a "Christian" radio station in  
Germantown.  He did a 2 hour live broadcast with the assoc. pastor of  Central 
Church (Memphis).  As his "traveling companion in ministry" I sat  in the car 
for the 2 hours listening and holding him in prayer.
He held his own very well, was very articulate, despite seeming quite  
The first 15 minutes the host tried to corner him with scripture, and  
couldn't so he backed off.  After that the conversation was much more  "balanced" 
but still hostile.  
You can hear the broadcast archived on _www.soundwaves2000.com/unwo_ 
Its the Feb 25 broadcast.  I just had to click on "save" and it  started 
Disturbing though - I listened to the first 11 minutes of the next day's  
broadcast...and they are bashing Peterson and people like me in a very, very  
nasty way.  I don't think I can listen to any more of it without  getting sick.  
It seems they couldn't do that with him there so they  devoted the next 
broadcast to vilely discrediting him.
After Monday's show I was hopeful that maybe it might make a difference to  
someone in a redemptive way.  Now I feel like I got too close to something  
evil and destructive.  Anyway, I salute Peterson for his courage and hope  the 
Spirit can use his testimony despite the spirit of hatred that was  raised.  
Sometimes it is hard to stay Christian.  (I think Jesus would  say the same thing)

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