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I received quite a few supportive responses to my last post about the radio  
talk show. Thanks y'all, especially the SAYMA folks.  If we respond to  "all" 
we can share those thoughts.
Here's one that Judy Guerry sent that highlights a story you may not  have 
heard about. 

In light of Peterson Toscano's (and your) recent experience  in Memphis, 
I wanted to share this mailing from the FaithTrust  Institute/Marie 
Fortune. As you'll see, her essay is directed toward faith  communities 
and their/our responsibility about raising our voices  prophetically 
about hatred toward lesbian and gay persons. I'm copying Bob,  Nancy, and 
Susan, thinking about implications for individual meetings in our  
respective ministries and for SAYMA.

Peace--and wisdom--to you  all,

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The Hate Crime You May Have Missed
February 26, 2008
Among the numerous school shootings in the past  several weeks, one stands 
out for me: the killing of Lawrence King, 15,  allegedly by Brandon McInerney, 
14, in Oxnard, California. However, it got  the least _media  coverage_ 
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The other school shootings appeared to be acts of random violence  directed 
at strangers who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong  time. But at 
Oxnard Junior High School, McInerney walked into the computer  lab, went 
directly to King and shot him in the head before fleeing,  according to reports. 
King died later at the hospital. The memorial  service was held at Westminster 
Presbyterian Church which celebrated  Lawrence's short life.  
Evidently, McInerney and his friends had been harassing King after King  had 
disclosed that he was gay. Then McInerney took it one step further.  King was 
different, as they say. He was proudly gay and wore high-heeled  boots, 
make-up and jewelry to school. So he became the target of bullies.   
The shooter will be tried as an adult charged with murder as a  premeditated 
hate crime and if convicted, could spend up to 52 years in  prison. So where 
did he learn this kind of hate? My best guess is home,  church and peers. 
Anti-gay sermons, jokes, and language teach people that  it is okay to hate 
lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered people, and the  action to follow that hate 
is bullying and violence.  
This is not an isolated violent event. In the 2005 National School  Climate 
Survey, nearly a fifth (17.6%) of LGBT students reported being  physically 
assaulted at school in the past school year because of their  sexual orientation, 
and over a tenth (11.8%) because of their gender  expression. Nearly 
two-thirds of LGBT students (64.3%) said they feel  unsafe in school because of their 
sexual orientation, and two-fifths  (40.7%) because of their gender expression. 
Those of us in the faith communities should be asking ourselves these  
questions: what are our youth programs and ministries doing to counter the  hate and 
homophobia that is still taught and learned in much of society  today? What 
are we doing to support the Lawrence Kings in our youth  groups? What are we 
doing to challenge the Brandon McInerneys? Two young  lives tragically 
interrupted because it's not okay to be different from  the rest.  
April 25 will be a national day of silence to remember Lawrence King  and all 
who suffer from hate crimes. Consider organizing an event in your  mosque, 
church or synagogue. 
Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune 
Founder and Senior Analyst  
FaithTrust Institute  

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