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forwarded by Kristi Estes   
Dear Friends:

Late last year, the House  of Representatives passed important anti-torture 
legislation as  Section 327 of H.R. 2082, the Intelligence Authorization bill.  
 Section 327 would require all elements of the intelligence  community, 
including the CIA, to abide by the restrictions in the  Army Field Manual while 
conducting interrogations.  The Army  Field Manual prohibits torture and many of 
the "enhanced  interrogation techniques" being used by the  CIA.

Unfortunately, some Republican Senators have threatened  to obstruct passage 
of H.R. 2082 as long as it contains Section 327  (the anti-torture provision). 
 Passage of Section 327 is one of  the most important actions Congress can 
take to stop U.S. sponsored  torture.  We need to do everything we can to win 
passage of  Section 327 in the Senate.  Defeating the attempts to block  H.R. 
2082 or to strip Section 327 from the bill will take 60  votes.  We need your 

The best information we  have is that the Senate could vote on this in the 
first two weeks of  February.  We ask that you - in the last two weeks of  

    *   Contact - by phone or by email - your Senators to express your  
support for Section 327 of H.R. 2082.  You can contact your  Senators by calling 
the Senate switchboard at (202) 224-3121, or  you can look up their direct lines 
and their email addresses at  
http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm.   We also have a form email prepared that you can send to 
your  Senators.  You can find our sample form email at  
    *   If you have a little more time, write a letter to the editor  of your 
local newspaper.  You can find a sample letter to the  editor and 
instructions for writing and sending a letter at  

This legislation is very important to our efforts to  stop U.S. sponsored 
torture.  We hope you can take a few  minutes to share your voice with Congress 
and your  community.

Thank you for your concern, your time, and your  efforts.
Linda Gustitus, President
Richard Killmer, Executive  Director       
Questions? Please email _campaign at nrcat.org_ (mailto:campaign at nrcat.org) 
National  Religious Campaign Against Torture: _www.tortureisamoralissue.org_ 
yYQJT9Q/9)   - New Web  Address

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