[Sayma-Discuss] war tax

Perry Treadwell perryt at bellsouth.net
Mon Jan 28 09:04:22 EST 2008

>     Re: interview of Perry Treadwell
>     Posted by: "Steve Woodall" woodshall at bellsouth.net   woodall_steve
>     Tue Jan 22, 2008 10:28 am (PST)
>     Friends,
>     It is understandable that Perry would chose not to promote his 
> interview. But
>     there's no reason why I shouldn't.
>     Those who have yet to hear a full rendering of Perry's personal 
> story about war
>     tax resistance as a spiritual exercise will find this a convenient 
> way to inform
>     themselves about one of the many people who have been key in the 
> life of AFM.
>     Perry's experience with a Robert Frost poem is fascinating.
>     By clicking on the Northern Spirit Radio link below, you'll be 
> taken to what
>     appears to be a cyber-safe website. Even if you chose not to 
> listen to the
>     interview, you may nevertheless be pleased to discover the 
> website. Navigation
>     to the interview is easy (no registration, etc). Perry's interview 
> starts more
>     than half way through the one hour audio file, following that of 
> another
>     interesting woman war tax resister. You can move a slider to home 
> in on the
>     beginning of his interview.

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