[Sayma-Discuss] FWD:OK Rep. Sally Kern says gays are worse than terrorists

Steve Livingston nc-stereoman at mail.com
Fri Mar 14 11:36:53 EDT 2008

 Mike, I wonder if you've seen the YouTube video "I'm Listening" that was
put together in response to Ms. Kern's diatribe.


Very heartening, I think. Even more heartening is what other Oklahoma
Conservatives have had to say about Ms. Kern's statements. I found this
response at a news site that touts itself as "Oklahoma's TRUE
Conservative News Site" where, they say, "TRUE conservative Family values
do not include hidden bigotry or blatant social and environmental
ignorance." Let us be thankful that there are folks with more
old-fashioned political viewpoints willing to show that they are open to
more enlightened moral perspectives.


Far from feeling disheartened by this particular episode, I find that the
widespread condemnation of her comments offers hope for a better, more
egalitarian future.

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