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Dear Friends,

We are writing to make certain that you and your  congregation know about our 
newest effort to raise the visibility of a religious  opposition to torture 
in communities all across the country.

NRCAT is  making June 2008 the month for "Banners Across America"! We are 
asking  congregations of all sizes, from every state and all faiths, to join in a 
public  witness against torture by displaying a banner outside their place of 
worship  during Torture Awareness Month (June).

_Click  here_ 
(http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/dia/track.jsp?v=2&c=/mIJSDB6ULQfZn5vZM0KsmfKV5i6nDEE)  for complete information about the project and to 
place an order.   You can choose from two sizes and two designs, as well as an 
option to customize  your banner to include the name of your congregation.  
The cost ranges from  $100 to $175, including shipping. 

You can also purchase a banner from  another source or use one you already 
have.  Just tell _John  Humphries_ (mailto:jhumphries at nrcat.org)  (see below) 
that your congregation will display a banner in June,  so we know that your 
congregation and your state will be  participating.

Your congregation's participation will help to raise the  visibility of our 
national campaign in at least 3 ways: 
    *   It will provide an opportunity for members of your congregation to  
talk together about the continuing shame of torture as government  policy and 
about the role of religious people in speaking out on this moral  issue.  
    *   It will put your congregation on record as opposing torture, in a 
very  public way, and can encourage other local congregations to join you in a  
collective witness in your community.  
    *   It will help NRCAT document a nationwide religious resolve to end  
torture through a coordinated media effort to draw attention to  specific 
communities with significant numbers of banners, as well as the  breadth of 
participation across the entire country. 
At the end of the project, we want to produce a poster with photos of banners 
 hung on a variety of houses of worship. We would deliver a copy of the 
poster to  every member of Congress and the President, and we will make it 
available for  purchase. 
You can help us achieve these ambitious goals by: 
    1.  Visiting the _Banners  Across America_ 
(http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/dia/track.jsp?v=2&c=3Rt4w6PwyXC9+tOpvA1H2WfKV5i6nDEE)  webpage 
(accessible via one of the red boxes in the center  of the NRCAT homepage, 
(http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/dia/track.jsp?v=2&c=Ksay1Cecpq/2HEv19CaGUWfKV5i6nDEE) )  to get the complete information;  
    2.  Encourage your congregation to purchase a banner and display it 
during  June 2008;  
    3.  Send us a digital photograph of the banner hanging outside your house 
of  worship so we can post it on the website and possibly use it for a 
national  poster. 
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact NRCAT's Director 
 for Program Coordination, John Humphries, at 860-216-7972 or  
jhumphries at nrcat.org.


Linda Gustitus, President,  NRCAT
Richard Killmer, Executive Director, NRCAT 
National Religious Campaign Against Torture
316 F Street NE,  Suite 200
Washington, DC 20002

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